SuperMono - happy music


New band. New single. New funk.

10 piece - Live Music Band

We are a group of passionate musicians and composers who really love to create awesome happy music for all the people.

Live Music

Band of exceptional personalities and quality. Their credibility as hit authors proven. Reggae, soul, funk and something in between.

Worldwide availability

Contact our management to see where is our next tour and come to see us with your whole family. We don't swear to impress you.


We are perfect choice for big stage performance with loads of stars playing songs you'll love. Big band can be resized though ;-)

Tour dates

Our gigging calendar will be open starting from September 2015, make sure to book your date! We guarantee the best live music ever.

Latest updates from our rehearsal room


The band is getting into shape. A lot of work and rehearsals, blood sweat and tears.. Just kidding, we're tired but happy!

Claude Rajchert Guitarist

Recording session is still not finished. Some parts need to be rerecorded. It's so much fun, you have to listen to our first song when it's ready!

Pat Williamson (Producer)

Here's the full song, a live demo really,, ;-)


May 08. 2015