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Official release date: 22.07.2016

SUPERMONO is a project leaded by DJ Klaud.ns, who sings extras and plays different instruments during their live acts. The band is a bunch of friends but also selection of the best musicians in UK and they want to do music to make people really happy. If you want to help them produce their debut album, please buy a single. It’s as much as a lollipop, but means so much to us. There are many reasons not to buy music these days, but here you can help totally independent Artists to do what they love to do the most, while showing them respect and recognition for the hard work they’ve put into releasing this piece of music. Your support really matters! Stay blessed!

We’ll make sure everyone buying this single will receive special packages when we launch our compilation in October 2016..

Recorded by:

Huyon SOP Williams – vocals
Allan Penford – bass guitar
Will Dawey – drums
Pat Williamson – guitar
Nichole Grace – backing vocals
Anne-laure Winkin – backing vocals
DJ Klaud.ns -vocals, guitars, keys, percussion, horns and strings arrangement, additional bass guitar
Music by DJ Klaud.ns
Lyrics by DJ Klaud.ns & Huyon SOP Williams

Exclusive SuperAnalog Remix™ produced by DJ DJ Klaud.ns

Song download:

High quality file 48kHz/320Kbps file

ISRC: UK8ZP1600001

©&℗ 2016 Long Records

All Rights Reserved.

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